One of the areas where the impacts of aging are most visible is the eye contour. Aging, busy work schedule or hereditary causes may lead to undesired appearance around the eyes. Saggy, loose, droopy and baggy eyelids as well as deepening of fine lines may make us look older or as if we were tired and unhappy all the time.

This situation that may also reduce a person’s quality of sight is not actually the fate. Elderly patients as well as patients with puffy and baggy eyelid complaints due to hereditary background may also consult an aesthetic surgeon to resolve these problems.


Eyelids are one of the areas where aging is most visible and which attracts the most attention. Creasing in eyelids is almost inevitable in older ages due to the fineness of the skin and the intense muscular movements. Sagging and loosing tissues around eyes have a direct impact on eyelids.

Likewise, if there are any excess skin and/or lipid bags on upper eyelids, these have to be removed in the earlier stage without allowing them to obstruct your sight for a fresher, more youthful and healthier look. The upper and lower eyelid surgery performed under local anesthesia is an easy and comfortable procedure in terms of recovery time. If there is a deep hollow under your eyes extending to your cheeks, it must be filled. Standard lower eyelid surgeries cannot solve this problem, but may lead to even worse consequences.

This hollow should be removed by dissipating lipid tissues that form the under eye bags and by lifting the cheeks. This way, a smooth surface extending from the cheekbones to lower eyelids should be formed. This is an essential rule to look young and sharp.


We can perform eye contour surgeries to resolve complaints for dark circles around the eyes, under eye hollows, sagginess, loose or excess skin and bagginess on the lower or upper eyelids.


Aging, busy work schedule or hereditary causes are among the reasons impairing the eye aesthetics. All of these problems may be observed at once, but in some cases only a single cause may impair the eye aesthetics.

For example, droopy eyelid is a congenital issue. This situation does not only impair the aesthetic appearance, but it also has an adverse impact on the sight of the person. Are there any Risks Associated with Eye Contour Surgery? If there aren’t any major illnesses to constitute an obstacle for the surgery, we cannot speak about any risks. The surgery must be performed by a professional surgeon very carefully under appropriate conditions.

Because skin and subcutaneous tissues are treated in eyelid and eye contour surgeries, any one not suffering from a severe systemic disorder may undergo these procedures. Eyes are the most important organs allowing us to convey our facial expressions. Any kinds of surgical malpractice may adversely affect the gestures, sight, and in short, all of the facial expressions.


Although it varies from patient to patient, the surgery generally takes about 1 hour under local or sedation anesthesia without any general anesthesia. No hospitalization is necessary.


After the surgery, you can comfortably watch television and use computer. Within two days, you can resume your daily routines. Contact lenses -- if any -- can be used within 2 or 3 weeks. It is possible to feel sensitive to sunlight and wind for a few weeks; and so, we suggest wearing sunglasses when going out. Blood pressure increasing activities such as bending, lifting and heavy sports should be avoided for at least 2 weeks.

Abstaining from alcohol consumption is suggested as it triggers fluid retention. Also, it would be appropriate not to smoke cigarettes or hubble-bubble as smoking extends the recovery period. Pain killers will be effective in post-operative pain or discomfort relief. Is there a treatment for dark circles, hollows and bags under the eyes? We have a very easy and successful type of surgery applied for eye bags that are unrelated to excess skin in the under eye area. The eyeball is located on 3 orbital fat pads which expand in time, making the frontal tissues slide downwards.

These changes cause protruding eye bags which make the person look older and more tired than they actually are. With a special laser platform and probe, these orbital fat pads may be detected and only the fat tissues are dissolved to a certain extent, removing the under eye bags under local anesthesia. The procedure is extremely comfortable and easy. The patient can be sent back home with only a few surgical tapes to be applied under the eyes after the surgery. If there is pocket-like excess skin along with under eye bags, this excess skin will have to be removed in addition to reducing the orbital fat pads.

The result will be a more natural and desired look. The procedure enables the under eye to perfectly join with the cheek while removing dark circles, hollows and bagginess. What are the Most Common Reasons why Young People Consult an Aesthetic Surgeon? Young people between the ages of 20 and 30 prefer to have surgery due to reasons lowering their spirits such as under eye bags, dark circles and droopy eyelids. Removal of the excess fat tissue under eyes is sufficient for them to have the desired appearance.

The tired appearance can easily be eliminated with a simple method. Some medical toners and solutions as well as laser treatments work wonders for under eye dark circles.


Other procedures we could use in order to remove the eye contour creases, besides surgical interventions, are Botox, laser and filling. The fine skin of our eyelids starts creasing in time, prevention of which is almost impossible. The facial expressions we use to avoid the intense sunlight leave behind deep lines in time.

One of the measures taken to get rid of these lines is Botox injection. With the right medication given in proper doses, we could prevent or minimize the movement of a muscle’s over active part, thus preventing the formation of expression lines. It is quite easy to apply this procedure which will be efficient for about six months.

After Botox injection, the filling method is used to fill the deeper lines. In cases where neither of these methods proves effective, the method called the "face ironing" with laser will be applied.


For the removal of crow's feet, skin renewal with Radiofrequency may be suggested. Radiofrequency removes the wrinkles on the skin and provides a more youthful and fresh look. It is an ideal procedure for those who do not prefer the surgical method.