"Due to its position and functions, nose is one of the most important structures of the face. Besides playing an important role in the formation of facial expressions, it is a highly valuable organ realizing 90 percent of the respiration process." Rhinoplasty can be performed for correcting both the aesthetic appearance and the functional structure of the nose.


The shape of the nose and its relation with the other facial structures is quite important. There are some anatomical measurements to be considered for a proportional, harmonious and a natural nose. Before the rhinoplasty, certain parameters are defined and proportions are calculated considering the lower-upper and right-left lengths of the face, distance between the eyes, width of the forehead and the chin, height of the patient and width of the forehead.

In the light of this anatomical information peculiar to person, THE SAME RHINOPLASTY CANNOT BE AND MUST NOT BE PERFORMED FOR EVERYONE. Today a natural look and minor touch-ups, which don’t cause extensive and radical changes in the characteristic features of the person, are considered important in all aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. In rhinoplasty, our basic goal is provide a natural appearance and make sure that the patient will not confront a completely unfamiliar person in the mirror.


The nose is a complex structure composed of the nasal bone, cartilage and subcutaneous tissues. Some anatomical deformities may be related to only a single structure whereas they may also cover the whole skeleton. Therefore, a good medical examination and a detailed interview with the patient are key issues for the nasal aesthetics surgery plan. It is important to remove obstacles such as Septum Deviation that obstructs inhalation during the rhinoplasty.

It should be noted that what is targeted with rhinoplasty is not only a beautiful and aesthetic nose, but also a properly breathing, beautiful and aesthetic nose. Before the surgery, the planned changes are discussed with the patient during the initial examination and the operation is planned accordingly. No Bleeding with Laser-Assisted Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. Thanks to the laser technology, the operation lasts for an extremely short period without any pain. In addition, BLEEDING -- the nightmare of most patients and even the surgeons -- is almost not encountered at all.


It is a fact that the use of laser and advance medical technologies in almost all fields of medicine provides great ease and comfort particularly in aesthetic surgery. In our clinic, we utilize these technologies almost in all surgeries, sometimes during the whole surgical procedure while other times during a small section of the procedure.


The advanced laser procedures make post-op phase of Rhinoplasty, in other words Aesthetic Nasal Surgery, more comfortable and easier with shortened recovery period.

Thanks to the technique we apply, the use of surgical TAMPONS -- nightmare of those undergoing or wishing to have this surgery -- is no longer necessary. For the first 4 days, only small plastic nasal splint is used, then it is removed and smaller surgery tapes are attached to the nose for another 3-4 days. Our patients can go to work or school during this time and have a shower.

The goal is to achieve a natural and harmonious appearance of a functional nose in terms of breathing. The people you have just met will never know unless you tell them that you had surgery. Your old friends will notice a difference about you, but they will have difficulty in figuring out what it is.