TAKING SELFIES is a new obsession introduced to our lives as our most important agenda in the latest years by smart phone models, camera pixel wars, people following mania on social media and the competition of becoming a phenomenon on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, and so is looking beautiful, attractive and charismatic while taking a SELFIE.

The Effort to Look Beautiful, Attractive and Charismatic While Taking a Selfie. Shortly, Selfie means taking one's own photograph by stretching out the hand, arm or a stick specifically designed for this purpose. Of course having an interesting background, a beautiful view or an arm on the shoulder of a celebrity in the same shot are highly preferred. With this irresistible habit, the ratio of persons’ momentarily seeing their own faces on the camera has increased.

Our image in the camera is us, to a great extent, as seen, liked or disliked by others. It is true that minor photographic changes may be in question, but in general, the image we see in the camera is nobody but us.

Back in the day, we used to see our faces and bodies only on the printed photographs and evaluated our posture, smile, eyelids and nose through them. Now, we have the chance to instantly interfere in all of these qualities. You look at the screen and notice that your right eyebrow look lifted and you lower it; your wrinkles are more visible on one side and therefore you turn your head to have your other side photographed. As a result, the act of TAKING A SELFIE AND SHARING IT ON INSTAGRAM – an expression that has almost become a proverb to be included in students’ dictionaries - started to change our social lives, social relations, clothing, make-up and our understanding of beauty.

As a matter of fact, this could be perceived as standardizing the understanding of beauty, but we must admit that some anatomical rules do serve as standards. Call it the golden ratio or something else, but it is a fact that there are certain measurements, parameters and harmonization in the anatomy of a face. Now, let us get to the main point; nearly everyone taking a selfie has started to hold their phones high, pucker their lips, slim their cheeks and squint their eyes. I call this the SELFIE FACE.


Let us have a look at the anatomical structures momentarily changed by a person while putting on a selfie face and let me tell you why these are used:

1. If you hold your mobile phone (thinking that nobody uses cameras any more) at a higher position and therefore hold your face up; your neck, under chin (jowl), lower face and mouth areas will stretch. This position will give you a more youthful and fresh look by stretching the deep subcutaneous structures (muscles, facia and other connective tissues) that have started to sag and become loose, and by making your jawline more pronounced. During this photo taking process, those with a slight double chin are able to camouflage this excess fat under the skin and look slimmer thanks to the position’s stretching effect. The under eye lines and bags also diminish because of the same effect. As can be seen, with a single move, you have eliminated anything you dislike around your eyes and on your lower face and neck. At least for the 3-5 seconds while taking the photograph.

2. The cheeks are sucked in for a slimmer look during the photo shoot Our cheeks are where muscles are intertwined with the capacity of performing complex activities such as talking, chewing and grinding. Among these intertwined muscles, there are fat pads in different forms and sizes. These fat pads change place and move downwards because of gravity combined with the loss of firmness in connective tissues, muscles and the skin. The triangular facial line with its tip facing downward is transformed into a triangular facial line with its tip turned upside down. It would be possible to get a slimmer, a more youthful and fresh expression by moving these fat pads towards the mouth by using strong cheek muscles. Sucking cheeks in serves exactly this purpose. Of course for only 3-5 seconds.

3. Puckered lips. This has become a classic photo shooting pose. Some photographers even tell their models to pucker their lips. The goal here is to make the lips, in particular the upper lip, appear fuller and bring the cheek and lip proportions to an ideal state. The lines that extend from the edges of the nose to the corners of the mouth and get deeper in time will be less prominent with this facial expression.

4. Finally, squinting the eyes a bit; this action stimulates the muscles around the eyes and stretches the tissues that have moved downward so they are closer to the upper eyelid. These gestures ensure that you diminish the eyebags and hide the normally visible lines such as the lacrimal duct. Yet you should adjust the dose of squinting so as not to worsen the look of crow's feet or the lower eyelids. What do we do when taking a selfie?

Yes, you can do all these for 3-5 seconds to look 10 years younger or 10 kg. slimmer, more beautiful, attractive and charismatic in the photographs. Then what? After the shooting session, say hello again to your jowl, droopy cheeks, and fine lines around the eye area or excessively visible ducts. Now, those who would like to look younger, slimmer and fresher by putting on a SELFIE FACE, I have a proposal for you.

- I can do all these in a few minutes without any surgery and anesthesia, but with only minor interventions. You can now look beautiful, attractive, slim, healthy and young not just when taking a selfie, but during your daily life as well. Can we be as Young, Beautiful and Slim as While We are Photographed? We have examined the actions of the people while taking selfies and the anatomic effects of these on our faces. Well, can't we do the same changes with only minor interventions?

Can't we be as young, beautiful and slim for months or years as when we are photographed, instead of for only a few seconds? We sure can be. This is possible with minor minimal invasive, non-surgical aesthetic touches, without taking any anesthesia and stepping into the operating room. Wide and plump cheeks make you look overweight. Yes, you might look cute and pretty like Heidi, but if you want to look beautiful, attractive and fit, it is a must that your cheeks are in proportion with your face.

Over years, it is possible that these tissues become loose and sag from both sides of the chin. It is not possible to minimize the subcutaneous fat pads on the face between the facial expression muscles with any procedure other than the conventional face-lift surgeries. Conventional liposuction procedure would be too risky to be applied in an area where such vital structures are present. However, upon the introduction of laser in aesthetic surgery, the fat tissues in an area with an intensive traffic can be minimized as desired and the skin is stretched accordingly. Without any cuts or stitches. Lips Now it is the time to pucker the lips.

The goal in this classic photographic cheat is to make the lips, in particular the upper lip, appear fuller. We can provide a very proportional and absolutely natural fullness in the lips in such a short time as 4 minutes with filler materials. When we talk about fillers or Botox, what comes to mind are the elderly ladies on the streets, looking like clones of one another. Believe me what has been done to them is not the work of a plastic surgeon. Let us say most of them are not plastic surgeons. I always advocate the kind of procedure that gets people around you saying "THERE IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS". Nothing more. While making the lips fuller, a little amount of filler to be injected proportionally into the lines extending from the edges of the nose to the corners of the mouth would be beneficial. No pain, no tingling, no bruising and all it takes is 4 minutes.

Under eye Area With LIGHT FILLER, we can eliminate the under eye hollows which we try to hide by squinting our eyes or by holding the camera high. This filler has a less molecular weight, less cruciate ligaments and therefore less density compared to the material applied onto the lips. One of the biggest mistakes made by the non-plastic surgeons that have no information about the human anatomy is injecting the same hyaluronic acid filler material on every area of the face at the other centers. The filler material we apply in a very little amount to the under eye area with a water-like gel consistency and the denser filler we apply onto the corners of the mouth or onto the cheekbones are as different as London and Beijing. By applying a dense filler material under the eyes, you can cause irreversible defects like small masses, lumps and visual irregularities.

However, injection of this fine filler to the chin will mean it will not work at all and disappear 1 week later. The amino acids present in the light filler are activated by the sunlight and can eliminate that under eye color changes, dark circles and tired look and replace them with a vibrant look especially in summer. Neck, Chin, Jowl and Around the Mouth Areas

The tightening effect on the neck, chin, jowl, lower face and around the mouth that we try to achieve while taking a selfie by holding the phone high can be realized in 45 minutes with 3D Radiofrequency or Ultheraphy. After this procedure, no swelling, redness or bruising is seen and no dressing is required. You can go back to your social routine and professional life just the next day.

Contraction of muscles starts immediately and lasts for a period of about 6 months. But do not be mistaken. It is not the effect that lasts for 6 months, but the development and improvement of the contraction takes 6 months. The effect is extended over years.

This means there will be a positive difference between the 120th day and 180th day in terms of tightness and freshness.

Consequently, with minor touches, I can get you that slim, charismatic, young and attractive face you are trying to put on when taking a Selfie. It is only up to a half or one-hour procedure, tailored to your needs and your financial status.