Ultherapy - Face and Neck Rejuvenation with Ulthera®

Ulthera skin rejuvenation procedure, offered as an alternative to aesthetic surgery, has been one of the most preferred technologies recently in the U.S. The ultrasound used in this system is, as commonly known, similar to the technology that allows monitoring the fetus in the womb. Now, with Ulthera, sagging and wrinkled skin that has lost its resilience and droopy eyebrows are 'lifted' without surgery.

Ultheraphy is a brand new, risk-free technology that performs facelift procedures for cases which cannot be resolved with laser technologies but with surgery. Ultheraphy can be performed without any injections and a recovery period. After an Ultheraphy procedure of 30-45 minutes, patients who have been treated can instantly go back to their daily activities without any difficulty. With the "Deep sea" technology and "focus ultrasound" used in the Ulthera system, hot spots are formed in the sub-layers of the skin. This way, the repair process of the skin begins and the skin starts to produce collagen and the firming and "lifting" effects become visible. The skin starting to recover immediately after the procedure assumes the desired appearance at the end of 3 months. The result achieved after a single treatment is preserved at least for a year.


Our facial expressions tell a lot. Most of the time we call our wrinkles experience and our sad look fatigue. Cosmetic surgery is always an option to solve these problems. However, Ultherapy is now available as a brand new method. With Ultheraphy as a non-surgical facelift, it is possible to prevent the damage on our skin caused by time and gravity. The beautiful appearance achieved after a single 30-minute treatment is the result of the subcutaneous connective tissues’ strengthening upon the skin's creating its own self-recovery.


Like other ultrasound procedures, the treatment applicator is placed against the skin and the images of the skin and the subcutaneous tissues are displayed on the screen of the Ulthera device for the Ulthera practitioner to determine the application area. Afterwards, using the same applicator cap, the skin is provided with benefits of the treatment through thermal damage points focused on 4,5 mm, 3 mm and 1,5 mm beneath the skin. The surface of the skin is not disturbed or damaged during this treatment.

The energy penetrating the skin leads to increased stimulation and initiation of new collagen buildup. A natural facelift is achieved in time with a very fine firming effect. How does the procedure differ from other non-surgical facelift procedures? Ultherapy is the only skin rejuvenation method where focus ultrasound technology is used. Thanks to its reliable technology, it is possible to achieve efficient and pleasing results with only a single treatment on the skin.


Even if comfort levels during the treatment can vary from person to person, it is suggested that a painkiller is taken before the treatment. People describe the pain they feel during the treatment as a sense of momentary stinging. This means that ultrasound energy is being deposited to deep tissues and therefore Ultheraphy provides lifting and firming effects on the skin. Facelift with Ultherapy®


The person can resume their daily routines immediately after the treatment. There is no condition to pay particular attention to. Though some patients present with redness on the skin after the treatment, it disappears within a few hours. The regeneration process immediately begins with a single treatment, but the finals results show up in 60-90 days. In 9 patients out of 10, a significant lift-up effect has been observed by FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) in eyebrow lifting treatments. This effect has led to an improvement on the skin laxity around the eyes and the wrinkles on the eyelids. The persons who have been treated in the neck and facial areas express that they have a firmer, tighter and more toned skin.


Ultrasound energy has long been used in medicine for over 50 years. Clinical studies have proven that it has no adverse effects. Who is a good candidate for Ultherapy? Any person who has mild to moderate skin laxity and who feels their skin loose and saggy is a good Ultheraphy candidate. In particular, persons with a lowered eyebrow line, loose skin on the neck, sagging under the chin, whose jawline contour is no longer sharp and who do not feel ready for a surgical procedure, may benefit from this treatment.