Cosmetic Filling Botox Operation

WHAT IS BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA)?

BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA), is a purified botulinum toxin type A protein derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria and used by physicians with prescription.

Allergan BOTOX® is the first FDA-cleared (United States Food and Drug Administration) medical botulinum toxin type A which was used in the treatment of children's strabismus in 1989.


When BOTOX® is injected into muscles or glands in appropriate doses, its effects may last for an approximate period of 3 to 10 months, depending on the patient.

Today, BOTOX® "Neurotoxin" has been approved to be used

in 8 medical treatments in the world;

For children over 12 years, with certain types of strabismus,

For children over 12 years, with discomforts due to the contraction of eyelid muscles (blepharospasm),

In the treatment of cervical dystonia causing abnormal head and neck postures,

For persons over 18 years, with excessive armpit, hands and feet sweating (hyperhydrosis),

For persons over 18 years, to relieve muscle stiffness on fingers, wrists and elbows caused by upper

extremity spasticity, In the treatment of headaches lasting more than 15 days a month and longer than 4 hours a day caused by chronic migraine, In the treatment of urinary incontinence not responding to medical treatment, In relieving overactive bladder discomfort.


Wrinkles appear not only related to cellular changes, loss of collagen or free radicals’ damages, but also as a result of various factors.

When you frown or stare at something, the muscles between your eyebrows contract, causing your skin to wrinkle and fine lines to appear deeper.

Similarly, when you look at a distant point by squinting your eyes, you stimulate the muscles around your eyes. This causes fine lines called crow's feet especially in the corners of your eyes.

The lines formed on the forehead as a reaction to a surprise occur with the movement of a very strong and large muscle that is functional in this area.

The muscles around the mouth used especially by smokers while pursing their lips to inhale cigarette smoke cause the formation of vertical lines on the lips.

As a result, muscles used for various movements in different parts of the body cause deep and permanent wrinkles, creases and lines n the skin.

An appropriate single dose BOTOX® Cosmetic weakens the muscles between your eyebrows, on your forehead or around your eyes for a certain period. This will prevent the formation and deepening of such lines and wrinkles, probably giving you a chance to delay a possible surgical procedure for many years.


Before the Botox application, it is very important that you tell your plastic surgeon your complaints in detail.

This is because the dosage for the desired effect of Botox must be decided by your aesthetic surgeon and yourself.

Patients don’t have to lose all of their facial expressions at the same level after the injection of Botox.

If you wish, the wrinkles on your forehead could completely be removed or a few of these may be left with a milder appearance.

For example, let's assume that there are 8 crow's feet around your eyes with a severity degree of 8/10.

Upon your wish, these could be reduced to 4 lines with a severity degree of 3/10 or may completely be removed depending on their depth.

BOTOX® Cosmetic can also be used for different deformities on the face and neck.

Preventing the visibility of upper teeth and gums while smiling may be listed among these.

The droopy appearance of your eyes and eyebrows may be corrected with an extremely careful and a certain doses of injection.

"BOTOX® Cosmetic applications must be made under the conditions specified by law all over the world and must be performed by a physician trained on Botox applications.

So it will be quite possible to further reduce the already low risk of complications."


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a product working under the skin and targeting the muscles responsible for wrinkled and creased appearance.

It works by precluding the acetylcholine oscillation, and thus the contraction of the muscle to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.


Due to gravity, one of the major factors causing the skin and subcutaneous tissues to age and become loose, the skin sags in time and deep folds are formed by loose tissues.

The other factor accelerating the skin aging process is the sun.

The sun disrupts the elastic structure of the skin and reduces its self-renewal capacity.

Despite all this, the excessive use of facial expressions is what accelerates aging the most.

The gesture muscles forming the facial expressions pull and release our skin and lead to the increasing formation of gesture lines in time.

The gesture muscles we mostly use are the ones around the mouth and the eyes in particular.

Therefore, eye contour and the mouth areas are where our skin ages the most rapidly.

Facial aesthetics and Botox application

Our patients' first consultation is generally when they are in their thirties due to the fine lines around the mouth and the eyes.

BOTOX®, contrary to common belief, is a safe medical drug that is very useful in the treatment of wrinkles without any adverse effects on the body.

It is a treatment method that has been used for 20 years in Aesthetic Surgery for frown lines between eyebrows, wrinkles on forehead, around the eyes, creases on the ridge of the nose, in the neck and cleavage, and deep lines around the mouth.


"Have Botox done", "Wrinkle treatment with Botox", "a smoother face with Botox", "get rid of your fine lines with Botox".

The basic mechanism is to weaken or completely paralyze certain muscles and therefore prevent muscle contractions using BOTOX®, namely Botulinum Toxin.

When the muscles do not contract, they cannot crease the surface skin and so wrinkles disappear (unless too deep), lines diminish and the skin looks smoother.

Unfortunately, due to the defects and gaps in the legal regulations or as a result of some intended breaches in our country, Botox injections may be applied by anyone who has attended a 2-month special course.

What distinguishes us, the plastic surgeons, who have an advanced level of anatomic information and who at all times deal with surgical anatomy, is obvious.

I can still tell you that there is a huge difference between Botox Lifting and the Botox injection procedures which are performed by those who have received special BOTOX® trainings.

During the application, if Botox is injected at a certain amount (let's say 4 units) into a muscle from various spots with a certain distance from one another, the muscle weakens.

So the wrinkles above the muscle are diminished.

They would even completely disappear upon your desire, but by this method you will only remove wrinkles.

You will achieve an appearance with no wrinkles but at the same time with no expression.

Whereas, if you know the exact point where the muscle group is affiliated with the other muscle beneath or above it and where any muscle starts and ends exactly (we, the know-it-all doctors, call these the origin and insertion) as well as the vector at which the muscle contracts the strongest and the weakest, then you would understand that Botox injections must be applied with many parameters.

Let me give an example:

The crow's feet, fine lines on the corner of the eyes, may be eliminated with 5 injections at certain distances with 5 units of Botox in each injection.

However, you cannot achieve a smooth, a more youthful and a fresher look by only pulling the eyebrows and the corner of the eye upwards.

The result would be a dull yet still an elderly look.

This is exactly all about the complaint that "I DON'T WANT MINE TO LOOK DULL, PUFFY AND EXPRESSIONLESS LIKE THE OTHERS".

Instead, the exact spots where the Botox will be injected should be analysed. What is more,  the amount of Botox units should also be determined according

to the ophthalmic anatomy of the patient and the relation of the orbicularis oculi with the other muscles and its intra-contraction power and capacity.

Thus, the procedure makes eyes and eyebrows gain a slight upward and outward appearance.

This is what we call Botox lifting, and it is quite different from simple Botox injections. This cannot be possibly performed after a 2-month training.

This can only be performed by taking a 6-year plastic surgery education as well as special trainings, reading and researching after graduating from a 6-year medical school.


For persons over 18, quite successful results are achieved with the use of BOTOX® in the treatment of excessive armpit sweating that does not respond to topical medications.

As a result of the suppression of acetylcholine oscillation in the area, sweat glands are blocked and perspiration is reduced or even stopped only in this area.

One of the misconceptions on this issue is that upon the suppression of armpit sweating, there will be excessive sweating in other parts of the body or the water stabilization of the body will be impaired.

The occurrence of such instability is not possible.


BOTOX® Cosmetic may be used to prevent teeth grinding during sleep and temporomandibular joint and teeth damage due to the contraction jaw muscles.